Magical Birthdays


A Guide to Creating Wholehearted and Mindful Birthday Celebrations for your Child

Do you dream of creating

magical birthday celebration

for your child

... without any of the pressure to make it Pinterest perfect? Or are your children growing up way too fast and you’re craving a deeper sense of rhythm and ritual to make the milestones more memorable? Are you searching for more meaningful ways to acknowledge another passing year of your child’s life without losing them amidst the hype of preparations and presents?

Maybe you've always ‘outsourced’ birthday parties to avoid the hassle, but despite your reluctance for party planning you’re still curious to learn simple and more mindful ways to connect with your child on their birthday.


This beautifully designed eBook will ease the angst of party preparations, bring back a sense of wonder for your child on their special day, while also honouring the essence of this sacred occasion.

At 180 pages, Magical Birthdays is filled with sweet, simple and whole-hearted ways to help you create memories that will be cherished by your whole family for years to come.


What’s inside

Magical Birthdays?

This is for the mamas, papas and caregivers of young children who are ready to set in placenew family rituals and traditions that bring more calm, connection and genuine joy to their child’s milestone.

Magical Birthdays is a birthday guide that includes:


A child reflection meditation mp3


Ritual & rhythm how-tos

Wholesome real food recipes

Creative Making tutorials & patterns

And so much more!

Magical Birthdays gives you simple ideas, practical tools and tons of inspiration to help make the whole experience (yes, even the party preparations) something you and your child will look forward to and remember for years to come.

It is possible to create a beautiful birthday celebration infused with love, mindfulness and of course

a little bit of magic.

Somewhere along the way, we've lost our way with birthday parties and sway towards commercialised, high sugar, high glitz extravanganzas for our children that lack real heart.  Beautiful Nat is the perfect guide to lead us back to a world of simple, heartfelt birthday celebrations with our precious birthday child as our primary focus.  Her delightful e-book provides so many nourishing and delicious recipes, gift ideas, craft and game suggestions and so much more to make the planning, preparing for, and hosting a mindful party stress free. But most importantly, Nat's Magical Birthday e-book provides Mamas with a compass to guide us back to a time of celebrating our beautiful babies with heart, calm and a sprinkling of magic. It is a truely beautiful book I will turn to year in, year out.

– Steph, Mama of 3, writer and owner of Green & Growing Things

Ready to bring some mindful magic to your

child’s special day?

Create birthday celebrations you’ll both cherish forever.

How Magical Birthdays

came about...


I know what it’s like living the busy #mumlife, constantly running from one thing to the next, trying not to get bogged down in the mundaneness of everyday chores, blink and you miss it moments competing with a never-ending list of to-dos.

I also know first hand the importance and long lasting benefits of providing nourishing experiences to our children. As a mother of three (+ step mama of two ) and through my Steiner/ Waldorf Early Childhood studies, my passion for learning about Conscious Child Caring and Mindfulness has enriched every aspect of my motherhood journey.

Over the years I’ve seen the impact that creating wholehearted birthday celebrations have on my children and our family as a whole. A deeper sense of connection and a celebration that really is so much more than the presents and cake!


I’ve also noticed how much I now genuinely love celebrating each of my children’s birthdays - and not just the actual day. I love the rituals, the simple things that can be done in the lead up to the big event that help build a sense of excitement and meaning.

Infusing magic and wonder into my children’s birthdays delights my own inner child and gives me permission to play and get creative! Something I feel really serves to recharge our batteries as mamas and carers of little ones.

If you’re like me and constantly searching for ways to offer more meaning and connection with your children, then I know you will love all that the Magical Birthday ebook can offer you and your family!

Ready to infuse more calm, connection and creativity into your

child’s special day?

Get Your Copy of Magical Birthdays.


I loved Magical Birthdays! The e-book is beautiful and packed with ideas, inspiration and tools to help create meaningful and intentional traditions for our family. As much as I love celebrating my daughters' birthdays, there has always been an element of stress; there are just so many ideas out there, not to mention expectations, that it can easily turn into an overwhelming and frantic few days. I love how Natalie invites us to choose simplicity and connection, and focus on creating magic for our children without spending lots of money or running ourselves ragged. Her practical guidance, yummy recipes, and sweet crafts have already inspired me so much and now I can't wait to celebrate my daughter's upcoming third birthday!

– Gaby, mama of 2 + yoga teacher and photographer

Here’s what you’ll get inside

Child Reflection Meditation

A downloadable MP3 guided meditation to help you reflect on your child’s year. The perfect way to begin preparations.

Birthday Rituals & Rhythms

An array of simple and beautiful ideas to help you integrate rhythms and rituals into your children’s birthday celebrations and create lasting family traditions.  

Birthday Crown Tutorial

Dress ups are always loved by children and especially on their big day! Create a gorgeous birthday crown for your child with this super easy pattern to guide you.

Wholefood Birthday Cake Recipes

Tried and tested simple, delicious and wholesome birthday cake recipes including gluten free and dairy options.

Sweet & Savory Party Food Recipes

Some of our favourite party food recipes that I know your little ones (and the grown ups) are going to love.

Creative Making Tutorials

To get you started with mindful making projects for your hands including birthday stars, birthday treasure pouch, gone fishing felt fish, star babies, butterfly peg dolls and gnomes.

Your Ultimate Guide to planning a (Magic + Mindful) Birthday Party

Covering everything you need to consider in the lead up to the big event to help keep you organised without the overwhelm. Also includes a Celebration Planner which can be used year after year.


You’ll also get an age appropriate gift giving guide, ideas for games, activities and decorations, Commonly Asked Questions, inspiration and ideas for homemade party bags and so much more.


Natalie, I am so very heartened that you have written Magical Birthdays for Children!! Birthdays have always been the most special time in our home and even now my teenage girls still create a birthday table and ring for each of the family members. Magical Birthdays for Children is a beautiful piece of work and so delightfully put together. It brings me so much joy to know that many more families are going to be touched by the beautiful and mindful birthday traditions.

– Melissa, Owner HoneyBee Toys

A little message from

me to you…

Over the past seven years I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the Mothering Arts with mums both online and in the #realworld. I love teaching women how to nourish themselves and their families through working with their hands, whether that be in the kitchen, with needle and thread or in conscious child caring.

Bringing a little magic into the often mundane moments of motherhood is what I love most. Empowering mamas to transform their home lives into something fulfilling, spirited and joyful instead of seeing it as exhausting, overwhelming or boring.

The way we create our home environment, both the seen and unseen, plays a huge role in our child’s lives. By offering our children sense experiences that nourish them deeply at a soul level, we can begin to create happy, resilient and balanced children.

I created Magical Birthdays to help you plan and prepare a special celebration your child will love while honouring the sacred essence of the occasion. If you’re looking for even more ways to bring more mindful magic beyond the birthdays and special occasions, you can learn more about me and the work I offer by clicking below.

- Natalie

Ready to bring mindful magic to your

child’s special day?

Get your copy of Magical Birthdays.